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Cyber Protection for Executives

​Ongoing Monitoring of Cyber Threats at Home, Social Media, and Cyber Communities.

Full Suite of Cyber Monitoring

A personal monthly report and live updates on your current Cyber Security exposure and how to handle it. 

​Services You Use

Smartwatch, Security Cameras, WiFi, Platforms etc.

Network Exposure Mapping

Cyber Communities, Leaked Databases, SSN, Digital Signature, Profiles and other links.

Testing Devices

For significant damage or Security issues

Incident Response

Our expert team will be there for you in case any threat becomes real. You'll have access to 24/7 support for any cyber incident.  


Some Spooky Numbers


of Americans experienced financial Identity Theft in 2020


Billion in losses are forecast from Identity Theft in 2021


of cyber attacks rely on social engineering.


Billion records breached on the first half of 2020 alone

* Identity Theft include only application fraud, where criminals used a victim’s identity, and account takeover for money or access

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